The Author – Paul Bikoff

Don’t let the 136 pounds, soaking wet, fool you… Paul may be a lightweight when it comes to teeing up the golf ball or knocking down a few manly brewskeez with the boys. But when it comes to the written word, heavyweight comes to mind.

Cancer is always heavy but not when you fall back upon laughter and love of 50 years. That brings light… His Brandeis Humanities Professor once remarked, “There is genius in this paper!” Paul must have just dropped off a roll of Charmin as his thesis. Read him and weep… or at the very least, ‘Read him and wipe’ … but read him.

The Book – A Junebug Recipe

…Love of horses… colon… love of a sister… cancer… beach club days… Montauk beach, the end… cancer… Sylvia Browne…Faith… Angel Ariel… cancer… Regina Vagina… Kitty’s Chili dip… Super Bowl Sundays… cancer… Kanamit… To Serve Man… Michael Chambers… cancer… Willy Loman… immune system… a search for the cure… cancer… friendship… the Missus… marshmallows… Perfect Gentleman… penis… cancer… the kids… banana cake… the secret ingredients revealed… hold onto your hat, and your saddle!!!

Free Preview:

Last Paragraph from Ch. 1

But Rod was right about one thing. There is another dimension out there… A dimension of light and love, of laughter and prayer, of friendship outlasting all the stars in heaven, of Angels and Spirit Guides, of horses and God’s other critters, of courage beyond the scope of human endurance. Four years of stage 4 colon cancer couldn’t overcome these… who is the victor and who is the vanquished? What happens when God’s Divine hand reaches out to touch an Angel on earth? What happens when Science, Spirituality, and my Sister Junie meet head on… there’s a signpost up ahead – your next stop: THE JUNEBUG RECIPE!!!

"Thanks so much for the recipe! What a wonderful book! Signed by the author no less! A ton of wonderful information and insight served up with humor and compassion like a spoonful of sugar.......... a labor of love. Good recipes are meant to be shared and I will. Thanks again and keep cooking!"
-Joann Ornitz


I finished your book late last night; I read for four hours and loved every page. I will be reading it over a few more times because of the amount of information. To me, it felt like an education of the unknown...
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Thank you for giving my brother, Richard Hutter, your book. When he called me and said that he had met you, and you two got to talking about cancer and how your sister June had fought so long and hard...
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