“The Junebug Hypothesis”

March, 2013
The Universal Cancer Cure: A Cure for Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumor Disease (DFTD)  & ALL Cancer–


Tasmanian devils are facing extinction from a transmissible cancer.  Humans are faced, not with extinction, but with a tremendous emotional and economic toll from all types of cancer.  Could it be that by curing an incredibly horrific and aggressive cancer, devil facial tumor disease (DFTD), we are led to a world without neuroblastoma, pediatric cancer, and  all other cancers? Could it be that by combining 7 promising nutraceuticals that are available  now , that have been researched by other dedicated and talented scientists over many years,  that we are able to embark on a compassionate path of  non-chemotherapy, non-radiation, and non-surgery in the cancer struggle?  What happens if the synergy of 7 nutraceuticals (“Above all, do no harm”) produce an unbelievable good?  In the spirit of  Francis S. Collins, M.D., PhD &  Harvard  neurosurgeon Eben Alexander, MD, can Science and Faith lead us to the dawning of a New Age? Can poetry and Wordsworth shed any clues? With  the love, laughter, and smiles of Shannon Tavarez and Jessie Rees and Alexandra “Alex” Scott, can we truly find our non-cancerous “Path  unwinding in the Circle, the Circle of Life”?

Key Words:

1,3/1,6 beta glucan; paw paw; annonaceous acetogenins; coral calcium; vitamin D3; amino acids; salvestrols;  chlorella;  immune system; neuroblastoma; pediatric cancer;  Tasmanian devil; devil facial tumor disorder (DFTD); Universal Cure; ALL cancer

The Proposal in a Nutshell… Hypothesis/Science/Execution

Beta 1,3/1,6 glucan + coral calcium + amino acids + sun(vitamin D) + Paw Paw (annonaceous acetogenins for tumor reduction) +  Salvestrols + chlorella = The Cure for DFTD  & ALL Cancer

1) Coral Calcium – “Bob’s Best”

2) Vitamin D3  Vegan –   from Nordic Naturals, a liquid formulation derived from lichen and developed for vegans, strict vegetarians, and those who prefer a non-lanolin form of vitamin D3

3) Super SeaVegg for Amino Acids

4) Beta-1,3D Glucan – from Transfer Point

5) Salvestrols from Salvacare Biotechnologies, Ltd.

6) Paw Paw (for tumor reduction) from Nature’s Sunshine

7) Sun Chlorella – 500 mg tablets

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration of the USA.  The products mentioned are not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent, or treat any disease.  No double-blind, placebo controlled clinical studies have yet been performed using the combination of the 7 products.  The products are not manufactured  or sold by the author. However, they have been selected by the author over a 10 year period as those best able to test The Hypothesis in the hope of curing the Tasmanian devils and  ALL cancer.

IDEA TYPE: Treatment/Cure
CATEGORY: Cancer in Animals & Humans
SCIENCE : From the book, The Junebug Recipe

“…The strongest immunity enhancer on earth has been known for over twenty years now. Nothing rivals beta glucan for immune enhancement. No substance on earth manmade or natural has the published studies to back it up like beta glucan does.”

Roger Mason, Research Chemist – page 33

“…The greater the dose of Coral Calcium, the greater the activity of NK cells and the number of macrophages increased. The metastasis of the cancer cells in the lungs was significantly inhibited at a higher dose of Coral Calcium.”

Yuji Hirota, PhD. & Takashi Sugisaki, PhD. – page 83

“Amino acids have arrived big time into the world of healthy living…The two dozen amino acids present in the human body are among the most potent healing substances ever discovered…The human body possesses an amazing capacity to maintain itself…With that in mind, two principles should always go hand-in-hand with proper medical care: Imitato Corporis (Imitation of the Body): effective treatments are the ones that duplicate the body’s own healing mechanisms; Pfeiffer’s Law: if a drug can be found to heal, a nutrient can be found to do the same job.”

Eric R. Braverman, MD – Brandeis University graduate – page 117

“I would challenge anyone to find an area or nutrient that has such consistent anti-cancer benefits as Vitamin D. The data are quite remarkable.”

Dr. Edward Giovannucci, Harvard University Professor of Medicine & Nutrition

“Cancer cells survive chemotherapy and develop a resistance to the chemo. 2% of the cancer cells will become multi-drug resistant. Graviola has shown to kill these cells…”

Dr. Ward Bond

“An interesting in vivo study was published in March of 2002 by researchers in Japan, who were studying various acetogenins found in several species of plants. First they inoculated mice with lung cancer cells. Then, one third received nothing (the control group), one third received the chemotherapy drug adriamycin, and one third received the main graviola acetogenin, annonacin (at a dosage of 10mg/kg). At the end of two weeks, five of the six in the untreated control group were still alive and lung tumor sizes were then measured. The adriamycin group showed a 54.6 percent reduction in tumor mass over the control group-but 50 percent of the animals had died from toxicity (three of the six). The mice receiving annonacin were all still alive, and the tumors were inhibited by 57.9 percent – slightly better than adriamycin- and without toxicity. This led the researchers to summarize: ‘This suggested that annonacin was less toxic in mice. On considering the antitumor activity and toxicity, annonacin might be used as a lead to develop a potential anticancer agent’

Wang, L.Q. et al –Life Sci. 2003 May 9;72(25) 2853-2861
& The Healing Power of Rainforest Herbs –Leslie Taylor, ND

“Extracts of paw paw (Asimina triloba) are among the most potent of the 3,500 species of higher plants screened for bioactive compounds in our laboratories at Purdue University. The paw paw is a small tree native to eastern North America…Activity-directed fractionation of the paw paw extracts, using the brine shrimp lethality bioassay, led to the isolation and molecular characterization of over 50 unique annonaceous  acetogenins…(Note: approximately only 30 acetogenins were found in graviola).  The annonaceous acetogenins are derivatives of long chain (C32 or C34) fatty acids. They are potent inhibitors of mitochondrial (complex I) as well as cytoplasmic (anaerobic) production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP)…The powerful cytotoxicity, in vivo antitumor…effects indicated a myriad of potentially useful applications…

In Vivo Anticancer Testing with the Acetogenins:

…Taxol (paclitaxel) gives 139% T/C at 15 000ug/kg against L-1210, so bullatacin (an acetogenin) (6) was 300 times as potent as taxol in this in vivo test system…”

…Dr. Forsythe found that the paw paw capsules, named Paw Paw Cell-Reg, when given one capsule qid, stabilized a number of patients with advanced breast, lung, prostate, lymphatic, and colorectal cancers as well as with Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia; furthermore, the patients showed no abnormalities in liver, kidney, electrolyte, blood sugar, or bone marrow functions. The product was effective whether used alone or as an adjuvant…

From ‘Paw Paw and Cancer: Annonaceous Acetogenins from Discovery to Commercial Products” – Jerry L. McLaughlin, PhD-Department of Medicinal Chemistry & Molecular Pharmacology, School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, Purdue University-March 26, 2008-J.Nat, Prod.2008,71,1311-1321

Summary  of Clinical Trials with Paw Paw  Cell-Reg ™-:

-100+ Patients over the past year and a half

-Many types of tumors represented

-Significant reductions seen in tumor sizes (verified by CT, etc.)

-Significant reductions in tumor antigen levels (PSA,CA2729,CA125,alkaline phosphatase, etc.)

-Very few side effects; mostly none;nausea and vomiting (2 people); itching (1 person); many reported “increased energy”

-No hair loss, no bone marrow depression, No GI bleeding

-DON’T GIVE with COQ10 or thyroid stimulators or antioxidants

-Benefits seen with cold sores, shingles, MS, toe nail fungus, acne, athletes foot, eczema & psoriasis (in capsules, lotion or salve).

From a presentation given at Columbus, Ohio on 10/31/2003 by Jerry McLaughlin, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Pharmacognosy, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana


“After 3+ years of ‘state of the art’ traditional therapy, my doctors had given up on me and I was informed by my medical team that I was “TERMINAL”…with Stage IV non-hodgkins t-cell lymphoma…I knew that restoring my immune system was the only chance to survive…All visible signs of cancer were gone…Beta glucan topped my list of supplements to continue…”

Dave Perkins


Salvestrols are a proprietary blend of fruit extracts –bitter orange, grape, blueberry and blackberry…

“In cancer research the important proactive component of plants are called salvestrols. These are first metabolised by a CYP enzyme in the liver and delivered to the tumour. Once inside the tumour cells the salvestrols encounter another CYP enzyme called CYP1B1 and are metabolized to the active anticancer compound which destroys the tumour cell…Supplements containing salvestrols have been standardised based on the proactive components and have had considerable success to date in treating cancer. Of particular note is the lack of toxicity for salvestrols since they themselves are inactive. This is the main advantage of using the proactive component is that you would not anticipate any harmful side effects since the prodrug form itself is inactive. Medicine without side effects could be the future thanks to the hidden power of plants.”
-From an article, “The Hidden Power of Plants” by Professor Gerry Potter, The International Journal of Phytotherapy, Volume1 Issue No.1, Autumn 2012

“Over the past few years the research team has had occasion to follow
progress of individuals using Salvestrols as part of their approach to overcoming their cancer. In 2007 five individuals agreed to participate in case studies. The cancers that these individuals were diagnosed as having included: stage 2-3 squamous-cell carcinoma of the lung; stage 4 melanoma; prostate cancer; aggressive stage 3 breast cancer; and bladder cancer. Each of these individuals had a complete recovery from their cancer (Schaefer B. 2007). In 2010 an additional six individuals agreed to participate in case studies. The cancers that these individuals were diagnosed as having included: stage 3 breast cancer; stage 2 liver cancer; colon cancer; a recurrent prostate cancer; a further prostate cancer with a Gleason score of 6 (3+3); and a stage 3 B Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Again all six individuals had a complete recovery from their cancer (Schaefer B, 2010)…pages 73-74, from the book, Linking Diet & Cancer- SALVESTROLS-Nature’s Defence Against Cancer by Brian A. Schaefer

“More Studies showing how chlorella prevents and reverses cancer:

There have been dozens of animal studies on chlorella and chlorella extracts involving immune response to cancer. One such study involved mice given chlorella prior to transplantation of mammary carcinoma. The results were a 70% sixty-day survival of the chlorella group versus no survival in the control group. Mice in the control group were also transplanted with tumors but did not receive chlorella.

In 1990, a study on chlorella was performed at the Medical College of Virginia. Fifteen glioblastoma patients were administered 20 grams of powdered chlorella and 150 ml of liquid chlorella, in some cases combined with standard chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy. There was a significant increase in health and immune status immediately, and a striking 40% two-year survival rate was reflected in follow-up studies. This is extremely rare for this type of tumor, which normally might yield a 10% survival rate after two years.”

From the book Superfoods For Optimum Health: Chlorella and Spirulina – page 20
By Mike Adams, the Consumer Wellness Research Center

EXECUTION: With appropriate resources, could The Hypothesis be tested?


Tasmanian devils, a small marsupial, are suffering a horrible death due to starvation. This is caused by Devil Fascial Tumor Disease (DFTD), a very aggressive and infectious cancer. The devils have just been placed on the endangered species list. Possibly over 50,000 devils, 70 percent of the devils in the wild, have succumbed to the disease in just 13 years. Even though a simple blood diagnostic test for DFTD was recently discovered, along with a promising new extract, EBC-46 from the brushwood tree, for a wide range of inoperable tumors, bringing new hope, it is a long way from a definitive cure. The devils are faced with a “tumor epidemic of epic proportions” – Gregory Woods, PhD.

Dr. Woods and his colleagues believe the key would be to have the devils produce an effective “antitumor T-cell response…to ‘trick’ the devil’s immune system into recognizing the tumor as ‘non-self'”.


Find any number of existing devils suffering with tumors, but still able to consume food. Do not induce the disease in any living, healthy animal.

  1. Mix the 7 VERY SPECIFIC nutraceuticals in with their favorite diet.
  2. Draw blood & do immune response cellular testing.
  3. Work with a dedicated researcher, such as Elizabeth Murchison, PhD, who has dedicated her efforts in the area of clonally transmissible cancers in dogs and Tasmanian devils!
  4. Watch for a miracle from The Divine – Thank you, Francis S. Collins MD, PhD ,  and Eben Alexander, MD. It’s “THE LANGUAGE OF GOD”…It’s “PROOF OF HEAVEN’!


“A first-of-a-kind cancer treatment that uses the body’s immune system to fight advanced prostate cancer.”

The Cost

“$93,000 Per Patient.”


“A researcher/animal lover in Tasmania or vicinity willing to feed the 7 “Junebug Recipe” nutraceuticals to even one tasmanian devil with DFTD whose tumors have not grown so large that he/she is incapable of currently eating. Estimated Cost for a one month supply: $700.00″


“Paul Bikoff would gladly assist in funding this specific project with his personal funds to the best of his ability.”


"Thanks so much for the recipe! What a wonderful book! Signed by the author no less! A ton of wonderful information and insight served up with humor and compassion like a spoonful of sugar.......... a labor of love. Good recipes are meant to be shared and I will. Thanks again and keep cooking!"
-Joann Ornitz


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